Updated on: March 2017

Working On: Time to get back on to serious work on HR Partner.  I am so happy to announce that we are profitable now, with people actually paying for the app via subscription, plus asking for new features.  We have loads of new features planned, so the first part of this year will be coding, coding, coding to fit them all in.

Reading: During my holiday break over Christmas, I read Elon Musk's biography, which was rather fascinating and inspiration, although it has lead me to wonder about his personality a little.  Chalk Elon up as one of those guys whom I admire very much but probably never want to meet or work with.

Also recently finished reading Colin Wicking's "Cauldron" about unstoppable Nazi zombies in the Australian outback!  Thoroughly enjoyed this book by my old friend, and will be picking up his next one that he only just finished writing about a haunting at Mango Flats.

Exercising: Getting back into Kendo with gusto these past couple of months.  It is a little sad that Sensei Toshio is no longer here to run our club, but there are a couple of other high ranking students who have moved into town and are looking to start up a club as well, which is exciting.  I have been training with them in an air conditioned environment, which is a godsend in these parts.

Writing: I've put all writing aside for the time being, as coding, reading and guitar playing takes up all my time at present.

Watching: Missing "Black Mirror" since I finished watching the whole series.  Have started on "Mozart in the Jungle" but finding it a little tiring in places, although good in other places.  Halfway through season 2 right now.  The family has gone back to watch the final season of "Frasier" as well as the last few episodes of "Suits".

Playing: Taken a bit of a break from playing guitar right now, but I DID buy a beautiful used Lowden F12 acoustic on holidays which has prompted me to revise my old celtic fingerstyle pieces again.

Recording: No recordings planned, but Jordan wants to put together a series of youtube cover videos.  I also want to record my new Lowden and redo a lot of old pieces that I recorded years ago but am not 100% happy with.

Buying: Still haven't got around to that Prophet 6 synth yet (sigh).  Might have to put that off until next year.  But I really need to get a good Thunderbolt 3 audio interface so I can record with up to 4 mics at once.  As mentioned earlier, I bought a beautiful 1998 Lowden F12 acoustic on my trip, which is an amazingly warm sounding guitar.

Travel: Nothing solid planned, but we so loved out Tasmanian holiday that we want to go back.  Might be a chance to visit Singapore with my brother in law, but not 100% yet.