Updated on: August 2018

Working On: Reinvigorated to work on HR Partner again.  Putting together a new team, talking to potential new investors, and being back in total control over my creation has given me a fount of new creative ideas and directions to take the app in.

Reading: My backlog reading library has been building up, and I am determined to tackle some of it over this wonderful, cool dry season we are having.  Mainly been reading books on onboarding users in applications, but want to branch out and read "The Haunting at Mango Flats" by my good friend and author Colin Wicking.  Also want to revisit some of my old Japanese graphic novels again.

Exercising: Well, a recent short stint in hospital has put a dent in my fitness levels, so I think I will have to avoid going to Kendo training for a few more weeks.  Looking forward to getting back up to 5km per day with my morning walks.

Writing: I've put all writing aside for the time being, as coding, reading and guitar playing takes up all my time at present.

Watching: Enjoying the latest "Silicon Valley" with the family.  Also been getting into the current season of "Masterchef Australia" which is motivating me to spend more time in the kitchen and make some effort with preparing meals for the family.  Also been (unexpectedly) really, really enjoying watching "The Detectorists", a British TV series in which not a lot happens, but it is a really sweet show that my wife and I enjoy watching at the end of a long day.

Playing: Not done a lot of guitar playing lately, but have to start brushing up - The old high school band is having another reunion concert at the end of the year for Simon Williams' 50th, down on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, and I am looking forward to making music with old friends again.

Also, a conversation with my guitar sensei has renewed my passion for classical guitar music (which I haven't really played in over 20 years).  In particular, I want to revisit pieces by one of my favourite composers - Augustine Barrios Mangore.  One day I will nail the "Allegro Solemne" 3rd movement in "La Catedral"...

Recording: Been working with Jordan to get some of his original tracks recorded as demos.  Very exciting time in his budding career as he is being approached by agents from Melbourne to represent him and take him to the world stage.  Watch his music channel @jordanravimusic on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

Buying: Still haven't got around to that Prophet 6 synth yet (sigh).  Might have to put that off until next year.  Spent up most of my savings this year on a good Apogee 4 channel Thunderbolt interface as well as a Slate VMS microphone system - all to support my son's ambitions!

Travel: My wife and I are looking forward to our trip to Dublin and Paris in October this year.  Attending a SaaS conference, plus enjoying time in 2 cities that we have always wanted to go to.  Might even get the chance to visit the Lowden guitar workshop in county Downpatrick when we are in Ireland.