Updated on: January 2017

Working On: Time to get back on to serious work on HR Partner.  I am so happy to announce that we are profitable now, with people actually paying for the app via subscription, plus asking for new features.  My new co-founder Hannah and myself will be having a planning meeting early in January to work out the best way to implement new features and continue building on the current success of the app.

Just before going on holidays in December, I also implemented organisational charts for HR Partner, which was a fun little project, but has reminded me NEVER to make big changes to an app just before going away on holidays.

Reading: During my holiday break over Christmas, I read Elon Musk's biography, which was rather fascinating and inspiration, although it has lead me to wonder about his personality a little.  Chalk Elon up as one of those guys whom I admire very much but probably never want to meet or work with.

Also started reading Colin Wicking's "Cauldron" about unstoppable Nazi zombies in the Australian outback!  I am actually really enjoying it and looking forward to finishing it this month.

Exercising: Well its a new year and I should be planning some new exercise, but haven't got around to it yet.  I walked a heck of a lot during my holidays, and intend to keep that momentum up at least.  Looking forward to restarting Kendo again this month, although it would be sad without sensei Toshio in town to lead us any longer.  Lets hope that the other senior students will take on the role and inspire the rest of us newbie students to keep up the effort.

Writing: I've put all writing aside for the time being, as coding, reading and guitar playing takes up all my time at present.

Watching: We're a bit NetFlixed out at the moment, though I have been enjoying binge watching all three seasons of "Black Mirror" at the moment.  Also getting back into Seasons 3 and 4 of "Episodes".

Playing: Taken a bit of a break from playing guitar right now, but I DID buy a beautiful used Lowden F12 acoustic on holidays which has prompted me to revise my old celtic fingerstyle pieces again.

Recording: No recordings planned, but Jordan wants to put together a series of youtube cover videos.  I also want to record my new Lowden and redo a lot of old pieces that I recorded years ago but am not 100% happy with.

Buying: Still haven't got around to that Prophet 6 synth yet (sigh).  Might have to put that off until next year.  But I really need to get a good Thunderbolt 3 audio interface so I can record with up to 4 mics at once.  As mentioned earlier, I bought a beautiful 1998 Lowden F12 acoustic on my trip, which is an amazingly warm sounding guitar.

Travel: We've just come back from an amazing 3 and a half week trip to Tasmania over Christmas and the New Year.  I really REALLY love Tasmania as a holiday destination, and once again found myself thinking of ways that we could live there on a part time basis.  It is one place that always feels so comfortable to me, and I could picture my wife and I living there and enjoying the cold weather and old world charm.  The kids are not too keen on it though (understandably), so it may be a venture for when they are grown up and leave home.

Jordan is still keen to visit Melbourne some time this year to check out the range of acoustic guitars there though, so we may do a short trip some time either late in the year, or in the middle.